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The United Allies, also referred to as the Allies, is one of the three warring factions in Marauders. The third major update for Marauders was also named after the faction, as the United Allies Update.


The United Allies is in a perpetual war with the Central Empire and the Kingdom Alliance, since at least the 1920s. Like the other factions, they have industrialized space with patrols of military ships, asteroid mining stations, docking ports, and other installations. The United Allies conduct their operations through the use of advanced logistics, able to supply their soldiers with adequate requisitions. United Allies personnel, ships and installations are therefore stocked with high amounts of food and medical items. The United Allies consist of remnants of the United States.

The United Allies construct Space Mines[1] and Rocket Turrets[2] to control the passage of ships in battlefields. The United Allies have also sent massive frigates for deep space colonisation known as Colony Cruisers, containing sedated labourers for colonial deployment and a defence force known as the U.A. Space Battalion, consisting of Marines. One specific Colony Cruiser under the jurisdiction of Lieutenant Sledge of the 47th Marines was attacked by Pirates, detailed in The First Attack. The United Allies rewards contractors for reaching the bridge and securing the Colony Cruiser during an attack[3], and confirming the status of dead[4] and missing[5] Colonists. The agricultural farms of the United Allies are subject to intelligence gathering by the Kingdom Alliance, who seek to expand their own agricultural production.[6] The United Allies also formerly controlled several penal colonies, including Penal Colony Beta 5 which was run by the prison's Warden, before it was hijacked and overrun by prisoners.[7] A second prison is also known, named Penal Colony 445.[8] The United Allies constructed large nuclear missile installations that target planets, dubbed the Planet Killer Base. The Planet Killer Base has been suspected of being sabotaged by Raiders due to a failure to call an Escape Gate[9], and contractors are sent in to defend the nuclear misile railway transport system from further sabotage.[10]

The United Allies owned the Iridium Asteroid Mine prior to an invasion by Raiders, which ceased operations[11], and seek to reclaim it.[12][13] The United Allies send contractors to reactivate a ventilation system to restart Nickel Ore refinement.[14] The United Allies suspect Kingdom Alliance saboteurs arouse a revolt by the inhabiting Miners[15], who pay, and later refuse to pay, a tithe, used to fund the war effort.[16] The United Allies have sought personal information of the ex-foreman of the Iridium Asteroid Mine, seeking knowledge on ore deposits.[17] The United Allies sends contractors to investigate the drill pit of the Mining Frigate, to confirm the status of a dead Security Personnel team.[18]

The United Allies have a stranded Heavy Frigate ship with a damaged fuel system inside the L1812 Service Space Station.[19] The United Allies seek to gather information on suppliers in the station.[20] The United Allies are suspected by the Kingdom Alliance of conducting illegal bank transfers using the Spaceport Bank.[21] The United Allies seek intel on shipments of Central Empire propaganda on the Merchant Ship.[22] The United Allies are fearful of the use of landing vehicles and APCs by the Central Empire, sending contractors to sabotage the Navy Commander's vehicle.[23] Additionally, the United Allies places bounties on Navy Commandos[24], seeking confirmation of the death of the officer and his report that inhabits the High Command Tower of the Navy Outpost.[25]

The United Allies have an army branch simply known as the United Allies Army, of which Major Rosie is a member as the Head of Production and Trade. The United Allies Army issues a standard issue 1911 Government pistol to its personnel of which Rosie remarked as having "unmatched power". Prior to the 1911 Government, the standard issue pistol of the Army was the 1911 Stamp. Additionally, the Stoner 63A was selected to receive the contract for production as a 5.56mm light machine gun in the United Allies. The United Allies emphasize operations security among its members, producing propaganda posters to teach troops.[26] Rosie in times of need will request help from the Pirates to gather materials for reinforcements.[27]

The United Allies also have a branch of the army known as the United Allies Marine Corps (UAMC), which undergoes special forces training for warfare.[28]




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